The Children of Bartholomew Stagpoole and Mary McEnulty

View of Wiremu Kingi te Rangitake's pa at Waitara, 9 March 1861. Watercolour by the Commanding Officer of the 57th Regiment, Henry James Warre.

Wiremu Kingi te Rangitake's pa at Waitara, 9 March 1861. Watercolour by the Commanding Officer of the 57th Regiment, Henry James Warre.

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The Children of Bartholomew and Mary

John Joseph(c1850 1941)

Martin Dudley(1855-1939)

Bridget (born 1859)

Mary Anne (born c1860-died September 1937)

Hannah Sarah (1863-1884)

Cecil Victor Bartholomew (1865- 1886)

Patrick Thomas (1868-1932)

The Daughters

An army register birth certificate for Bridget, daughter of a Private Bartholomew and Mary Stagpool, exists. She was born early in 1859 and probably died as a child.

Mary Anne Stagpoole was born in India around 1860. She arrived in New Zealand as a small child in 1861. She travelled with her father's regiment on the ship the Prince Arthur. She married Jeremiah O'Driscoll and had a son Albert(Bert). The family eventually lived, and owned motels in Queensland, Australia. Mary died in September 1937 in Ipswitch, Queensland.

Hannah Sarah Stagpoole was born in New Plymouth in 1863. She married William Grey and had two daughters Marcella and Hannah Mary Grey. She died of puerperal fever in 1884. At that time she was aged around twenty years.

Hannah Sarah Grey

Hannah Sarah Grey nee Stagpoole

The Younger Sons

Cecil Victor Bartholomew Stagpoole (known as Bartholomew) was born in New Plymouth in 1865. He worked as a baker and confectioner and also enjoyed the sport of boxing. He died of typhus 1886 in Tolaga Bay,
New Zealand while visiting his brother Martin Stagpoole.

Patrick Thomas Stagpoole (known as Thomas) was born in 1868 in Taranaki, New Zealand. He married Sarah Romeril,
a sea captain's daughter. The Romerils were a Huguenot family from the Channel Islands. Thomas was a school teacher who taught in many places around New Zealand before settling in Auckland. On his marriage Thomas left the Roman Catholic Church. He and his family commonly used the family name Stacpoole.

Thomas and his wife had two children. Their son George Stacpoole was also teacher who, with his wife Nora Dorothy (nee Williamson), worked in Fiji for many years. Thomas and Sarah Stacpoole's daughter Sarah Kennedy (nee Stacpoole) was a well known singer in New Zealand before her marriage. Sarah and her husband Clyde Kennedy immigrated to Australia in 1939.

 Cecil Victor Bartholomew dies young.

Young Bartholomew's death in the Taranaki Herald
July 3 1886

Thomas Stagpoole as a young man.

Thomas Stagpoole